Prestwood Backup Services

Managed Business-class Cloud Backup

Cloud + Onsite * File-Based + Image-Based * Monitoring

File-Based Backup

Backup specific file types in specific folders.

Safely backup files by folder and file-type using encrypted data storage. Our system notifies us if no backups are occurring and we will contact you (part of included Backup Watch).

Image-Based Backup

Backup a complete HD image!

Backup a complete HD image onsite, and the cloud; or, direct to the cloud.

Backup Monitoring and Ongoing Backup Maintenance Services
We are available for recurring scheduled backup audits, including for 3rd-party backup solutions.
Backup Watch
$25/mo. + Hourly Remediation
Backup Audit
$25/mo. + Hourly Audit
Backup Verify
$25/mo. + Hourly Verification
  • Email notifications from your backup go to
  • Remediation billed separately at your hourly rate.
  • Note: this service does nothing for you if the emails stop going to Plus it does nothing about ongoing monitoring of settings (the what and how of your backup).
  • Audit the what and how of your backup including settings and what is backed up.
  • Default is to audit against settings documented in our system. Included in monthly fee.
  • Flexible, you can add additional audits at whatever level you wish. Billed hourly.
  • Backup Watch + Backup Audit recommended.
  • We restore backed up files to verify the files are good and usable after a disaster.
(Included with our backup services.) (Add-on service.) (Add-on service.)
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