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Remote Backup
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Scan Configuration

Changing Scan Schedule Properties

After the particular files and folders are selected and marked for backup it is important to set how often the particular backup scans run. Prestwood Remote Backup has four levels of scans, critical, high, medium, and low. Each scan is set to run at different time intervals as determined by the user. The default values for the four scan levels are as follows:

  • Critical Priority, every 8 hours, for 24 hours
  • High Priority, everyday
  • Medium Priority, every 2 days
  • Low Priority, every 7 days

At any time you can choose to change the frequency at which the scans run. To change the scan schedules, simply right-click on any file or folder and navigate to the Prestwood Remote Backup cascading menu. Expand the menu until the "Configure Scan Schedules" option appears.

Prestwood context menu, configure scans

Selecting "Configure Scan Schedules" will bring up the window below.

Scan management dialog

From this page you can select the particular scan you wish to modify or edit. Double-clicking, or highlighting and clicking the "Edit" button, for any scan will open a page displaying the scans current settings.

Scan schedule

From this page you can determine when you would like the scan to start and how frequently you would like it to run.

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