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Remote Backup
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Restoring Backups

Restoring a file/folder

Restoring a file or folder from your remote backup volume back to your local machine can be accomplished by first navigating to the particular file or folder you wish to retrieve from your backup volume. IMPORTANT: in order to retrieve a file or folder you must be viewing the file or folder on your backup volume, not on your local computer. Once you find the file or folder you wish to retrieve right-click on the file or folder and select either the "Retrieve" or "Restore to" option.

Backup context menu

Selecting the "Retrieve" option will restore the file or folder to its original location on your local computer.

Selecting the "Restore to" option allows you to specify where you would like to restore the file or folder to on your local machine. You can either select a folder that already exists, or you can create a new folder.

Restore to dialog

The progress of the files being retrieved or restored is shown in the Prestwood Status Viewer window pane under the Restores tab.

Monitor downloads

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