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Remote Backup
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Remote Backup Service

Prestwood Remote Backup Overview

Prestwood Remote Backup was designed with the intention of eliminating many of the shortcomings that plague conventional data backup solutions. The Prestwood Remote Backup software launches automatically at computer start-up, and runs in the background as the computer is used. Two key product features help to automate the backup process. First, Prestwood Remote Backup runs automatic scans of the user's computer looking for files marked for backup, and backs up any marked files according to a backup schedule that the user sets. Four default scan schedules are available allowing the user to define how often particular files and folders are scanned for backup.

Scan schedule

Second, Prestwood Remote Backup allows the user to individually mark any file or folder they would like included in their remote backup volume. When marking a file or folder for backup the user also defines how often they would like the file to be backed up, and how many revisions they would like to retain of the file.

Mark file for backup

The user can also perform an instant backup by simply right-clicking the file or folder they wish to backup and selecting "Backup Remotely Now " from the menu. Icon overlays allow the user to easily view the backup status of any file.

Backup on demand

The Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer provides a window through which the user can monitor the activity of Prestwood Remote Backup. From the viewer the user can see what files are actively being backed up and restored. Files being uploaded can also be canceled from the Prestwood Status Viewer window pane.


Another unique feature of Prestwood Remote Backup is that it allows the user to easily view all files and folders currently stored in their backup volume at Prestwood Data Services. Users can browse through their backup volume real-time in order to see the files and number of revisions of each file they have backed up.

Revision view

One of the key benefits of Prestwood Remote Backup is that the user can retrieve a file from their remote backup volume with the click of a button as long as they have access to the internet. In order to retrieve a file or folder the user simply navigates through their remote backup volume to the file or folder they are interested in restoring to their computer. They then right-click the file and select the "retrieve" or "restore to." option.

Backup context menu

The user can monitor the progress of their restore from the Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer. In instances where it is necessary for the user to restore large amounts of data, or perform a full system restore, Prestwood Data Services will provide the user with a full copy of their backup data set on an external USB drive. This allows the user to quickly restore all of their backed up data to their computer.


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