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Remote Backup
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Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer

Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer allows you to monitor the progress and interact with files currently being backed up. The Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer can be launched a number of ways. However, the easiest way to open the viewer is by double-clicking the vault door icon appearing in the system tray in the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows taskbar.

Tray icon

Alternatively, Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer can be accessed by locating it in the programs section of the Window's Start menu.

An important component of the viewer is the balloon pop-up notifications notifying you when scans are initiated and when files are added to the backup queue. This allows you to track the status and progress of your backups without having the viewer open.

Tray notifications

The notification level can be changed to minimize the number of balloon pop-ups displayed, or turned off completely if you do not wish to have pop-up status notifications. To change the notification level right-click on the vault door icon in the taskbar and expand the cascading menu for Balloon Notification Level. Change the notification setting to the level you desire.

Within the Prestwood Remote Backup Status viewer window you will see the following information for each file currently being backed up or restored.

  • File name
  • Location, file path
  • File size
  • Transferred number of bytes
  • Progress, percentage of the total file transferred
  • Priority, signifies which scan is responsible for initiating the backup of the particular file
  • Status, indicates the current backup state of the file

The Backups and Restores tabs display all current backup and restore jobs regardless of their priority level.

Monitor screen

Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer also allows you to cancel any individual backup or restore task. This feature can be particularly useful in instances when very large files are being backed up preventing potential smaller or more important backups from occurring. In these situations you can cancel any or all jobs allowing the critical file(s) you're interesting in backing up to proceed. To cancel an individual job simply right-click on the task in the Status Viewer window and select cancel.

Cancel menu item

The user can also select Cancel All Transfers under the Tools menu option to cancel all currently queued backup and restore tasks.

Cancel menu item

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