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Remote Backup
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Remote Backup Setup

Prestwood Remote Backup Setup

A reboot is not required, the backup solution is fully functional after installation. To get the icon overlays to display a reboot is suggested, to get overlays to display without rebooting you will need to refresh Explorer. To refresh Explorer go to Task Manager and end "explorer", then in Task Manager select File >> New Task (Run...) and type explorer in the field that displays. The steps outlined below are intended to assist you in setting up your automatic Prestwood Remote Backup system.

Step 1. Identify which files and folders you would like to include in your automated backup scans. Common folders Prestwood Remote Backup clients mark for backup are My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, My Pictures, Quicken®, QuickBooks®, and Peachtree®.

Step 2. To mark a file or folder to be included in the automatic backup scans, go to the Start menu and select My Computer.

starting explorer

Step 3. Right-click on your My Documents folder and select the Prestwood Remote Backup menu option. Placing your cursor over the Prestwood Remote Backup option will expand the menu giving the you the ability to choose from a list of options.

Prestwood context menu

Step 5. Select the "Mark for Backup" option to expand the cascading menu, and select the priority level you wish to apply to the file or folder. The different priority levels determine how often the file or folder is checked for changes, and subsequently backed up.

Prestwood priority context menu

Each scan is set to run at different time intervals as determined by the user. The default values for the four scan levels are as follows:

  • Critical Priority, every 8 hours, for 24 hours
  • High Priority, everyday
  • Medium Priority, every 2 days
  • Low Priority, every 7 days

Use these same steps to mark other files and folders to be included in your automated backup scans.

Advanced Installation - Unattended Installation

Follow the procedure below to perform installation/configuration without user interaction. This type of installation is primarily for IT professionals that are installing Prestwood Remote Backup on several machines.

Step 1. Download the zip file below and extract the BUDefaults folder to the root of C:\.
Update the config.txt file and optionally DirList.txt and FileTypeList.txt which all need to be located C:\BUDefaults\.

Click to download

Please review the ReadMe.txt file after you've downloaded and extracted the .zip file for more detailed information.

Step 2. Obtain software credentials

Step 3. Download the appropriate remote backup installer for your operating system.

Step 4. Open the Windows command prompt and execute the installer using the quiet command and optionally the log command.
Example: C:\backupclient-1.5.28-win6.0-x64-std-Prestwood /quiet /log logfile.txt

Step 5. Give the installer a few minutes to complete installation which can be optionally be verified by looking for the Right Click Menu integration.

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