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Remote Backup
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Backup Configuration

Marking a File or Folder for Backup

Any file or folder can be individually marked for backup at any time. To mark a file or folder to be included in the automatic backup scans start by navigating to the file or folder you wish to add to your backup schedule. Right-click on the file or folder in order to access the Prestwood Remote Backup cascading menu shown below.

Mark file for backup

To mark the file or folder for backup simply use the cursor to select the desired scan priority level .

Advance properties

When marking a file or folder for backup is important to determine how many revisions should be maintained in your backup volume at Prestwood Data Services. The default number of revisions is set to five. To change this value start by selecting "Advanced Properties" within the Prestwood Remote Backup cascading menu. This will bring up the Prestwood Remote Backup properties page.

Advance properties

This properties window shows you whether the file or folder is marked for backup, the selected priority level, the number of revisions stored on your backup volume, and the date and time the file or folder was last archived. The number of revisions can be changed by simply entering the new value in the Maximum Number of Revisions text box.

IMPORTANT: A file will only be backed up again if the file has changed since the time the file was last backed up.

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