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Remote Backup
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On Demand Backup

Backup Remotely Now

The Backup Remotely Now feature allows you to start backing up a file or folder without regard to an automated scan schedule. A file or folder that you set to Backup Remotely Now will be immediately placed in the backup queue and will take precedence over any jobs that are currently in process. To utilize the Backup Remotely Now feature simply right-click on the file or folder you wish to backup. Expand the Prestwood Remote Backup cascading menu and select Backup Remotely Now.

IMPORTANT: file or folder you select to Backup Remotely Now will only be backed up if it has never been backed up before or if you have changed the file or folder since it was last backed up.

Backup on demand

If the file is not marked for automatic backup you will be asked if you would like to mark it. You can also choose to use your answer for all future occurrences or you can choose to be asked each time.

Automatic Backup

You can monitor the progress of the backup process utilizing Prestwood Remote Backup Status Viewer.

Status viewer

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