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Remote Backup
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Remote Backup Service

Remote cloud-based service for business and home!

Backup services (to HD and Online), Data transfers, and Redundancy.

Computer data backup services for home users and small businesses in the greater Sacramento, CA area including online backup for disaster recovery, onsite hard drive backup, redundant hard drives in servers AND KEY WORKSTATIONS, and data backup and restore from one computer to another.

With Prestwood Backup, you are paying for server space. We are available for setup/configuration and verification. Our system does notify us if no backups are occurring and we will contact you. However, you are responsible for verifying what files on what computers are backing up.

We are available for recurring scheduled verification and review with all our backup solutions including Prestwood Backup, external HDs, etc. Ask us for a quote

Prestwood Backup

  • Our online business backup system with optional HD backup.
  • Starting at $5 per month (includes workstation or server client and 10 GB storage).
  • $.50 per GB for additional space.
  • Windows Client (Workstation and Server versions, XP, Vista, Win 7, 2003, 2008, 2010, etc.)
    • Simultaneously backup online and to an external hard drive.
    • Server edition backs up Exchange, MS SQL, etc.
    • Businesses can back up workstations to their server and then online.
    • MS SQL plugin available!
    • External HD available - Simultaneous local backup with the click of a checkbox, and specify a path (couldn't be simpler).
  • Mac Client - coming soon!

Additional Backup Services

  • Exchange Backup - Sophisticated solution using BackupAssist (works perfectly with our online Prestwood Backup Service).
  • External HD Only Solution - If you don't want our online service, we can setup a local HD backup including multiple HDs for swapping out your backup. We can use regular HDs or keypad HDs.
  • Redundant HDs - We can add an additional hard drive to your workstation or server for additional data redundancy.
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--Mike Prestwood

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